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So you’re thinking about undertaking some work to your property and you’re
wondering who to speak to, how to find out what’s possible and what’s not possible.

As architects we can help you to marshal your thoughts and help you through the
process of extending your property. We won’t be doing this though without asking
you some searching questions in a way which will help to crystallise and strengthen
your vision.

We encourage you to gather your thoughts (whether you choose us to be your
Architects or not!), list your needs and requirements for the property. We always suggest
that you keep this 'activity' based rather than a list of rooms. Collecting any images (physical or digital) or cuttings from books and magazines that capture your ambitions in terms of taste
and finish can be really helpful in focusing your design aspirations.


What’s it going to cost?

We urge you to be realistic regarding budget. On an area basis you can be looking spend from £1,200 - £2,500 per square metre of floor area, this price range covers from your basic 'Wickes' type extension - brick walls, tiled roof, upvc windows, bog standard fittings, through to a more 'Grand Designs’ type solution.

As a rough and ready estimate for a fairly simple build, take your budget, subtract about 15% for extensions or 35% for new build (this covers VAT, Statutory fees and consultant fees) and divide the remainder by 1500. This will give you an approximate figure in square metres for
the achievable area of your new build.

What are the statutory fees?

This covers any fees payable to your local authority for a planning submission, if one is required. These vary depending on the nature and extent of the proposed project, however much minor domestic work can be undertaken without the need for a Planning Application if
it falls under what is termed ‘Permitted Development’ See our useful Links page for more information page to help clarify the situation.

What are consultant fees?

Architect: Our likely fee is set out on our services page, however we would normally suggest that if you’re are requiring services all through your project , from initial discussions through to project management (soup to nuts as we refer to it here!) then allow approximately 7-8% of
the overall cost of the project (before VAT). Please remember that this is a ball park figure only and we would be only too happy to discuss you scheme and the likely fees in more detail.

Party Wall Survey: The Party Wall Act 1996 provides the framework within which building works on or adjacent to site boundaries can progress while protecting the rights of the property owners on both sides of the boundary. Jump Architects can provide advice relating to your responsibilities in connection with the Party Wall Act 1996.

Structural Engineer: Some project to require the input of a structural engineer to provide design and calculations for any structural alterations / foundations / beams etc that might be needed for both the builder and the Building Regulations submission.

Is the work likely to be VAT rated?
Generally speaking all new stand-alone construction work is not VAT rated, whereas refurbishments and extensions to existing property are rated at 20%VAT. As is often the case with VAT there are variations and exclusions, we have included a link below to HMRC.


Trade Organisations:
Architect’s Registration Board:          
Royal Institute of British Architects:   
Chartered Institute of Buildiers:         
Passivhaus Trust:                              

Permitted development interactive guide:
Planning Fee calculator:                   
Building Regulations:                        
Land Registry:                                  
VAT issues:                                       

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